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SimpleInstaBot 🤖

Use a robot to attract more followers. Now as a simple desktop app!


How does it work?

It runs as a desktop application on your computer and will every day follow up to 150 users (configurable). You choose a list of instagram users whose market you want to target. The bot navigates to each of these, finds the last people to have followed them and then follows each of them. Then after 5 days (also configurable), it will unfollow the users. Simple and effective.


What makes it different from other bots?

  • Simple, easy to use (focuses on one core technique of follow/unfollow)
  • Free and open source
  • Runs on your own computer, to reduce the risk of being banned. Instagram is known to crack down on cloud and VPN IPs as well as paid Instagram bot services
  • Runs on all major desktop platforms
  • Built on instauto which has been proven to work for over 2 years
  • Automatic rate limiting
  • Uses a normal browser to mimic the behavior of a normal user (does not use private APIs easily detectable by Instagram)
  • Randomized timed behavior
  • Simulates human behavior of sleeping at night, and usage in the day time
  • Follow/unfollow is proven very effective. By only doing follow/unfollow, the bot avoids all those embarrassing situations where a bot comments “Awesome!” on a post depicting a tragic events.


NOTE: After installing you may need to bypass “Untrusted app” dialogs. This is because Microsoft requires a costly certificate to remove this dialog (I’m not going to pay for that.) Alternatively try to google windows run untrusted app.

A word of warning

Many people are getting Action Blocked message these days with this bot as well as other bots (it seems even people just manually following using the app) Instagram is tightening their rules by not allowing promiscuous behavior like following and liking strangers’ photos as much as before, and imposing temp blocks when they think you crossed the limit.

You use this app at your own risk! I have had great success with this app but I am not responsible for any consequences it may have for your Instagram account.

Tips to avoid ban

I advise you to follow these guidelines:

  • Run the bot on the same internet connection (e.g. WiFi) as you normally use your phone with the Instagram mobile app. It will reduce the chance of being flagged
  • Use conservative parameters (max follows/unfollows per day 150 and max 20 per hour, maybe even start out lower, and work your way up)


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This project is maintained by me alone. The project will always remain free and open source, but if it’s useful for you, consider supporting me. :) It will give me extra motivation to improve it.


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