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SimpleInstaBot 🤖

Use a robot to attract more followers. Now as a simple desktop app!


How does it work?

It runs as a desktop application on your computer and will every day follow up to 300 users (configurable) who are following some users whose market you want to target. Then after 5 days (also configurable), it will unfollow the users.


What makes it different from other bots?

  • Easy to use
  • Free and open source
  • Runs on your own computer, to reduce the risk of being banned. Instagram is known to crack down on cloud and VPN IPs
  • Built for all major desktop platforms
  • Built on instauto which is proven to work and has not triggered a ban for 2 years
  • Automatic rate limiting
  • Configurable


NOTE: After installing you may need to right click the application icon and then “Open” in order to bypass “Untrusted app” dialogs. This is because Microsoft requires a $300/year certificate just to remove this block (I’m not going to pay for that.) Alternatively try to google windows run untrusted app.


Animations by:


Icons made by Freepik from

This project is maintained by me alone. The project will always remain free and open source, but if it’s useful for you, consider supporting me. :) It will give me extra motivation to improve it.


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