The swiss army knife of lossless video/audio editing

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The swiss army knife of lossless video/audio editing

Thanks to my supporters and everyone who purchased LosslessCut!


LosslessCut aims to be the ultimate cross platform FFmpeg GUI for extremely fast and lossless operations on video, audio, subtitle and other related media files. The main feature is lossless trimming and cutting of video and audio files, which is great for saving space by rough-cutting your large video files taken from a video camera, GoPro, drone, etc. It lets you quickly extract the good parts from your videos and discard many gigabytes of data without doing a slow re-encode and thereby losing quality. Or you can add a music or subtitle track to your video without needing to encode. Everything is extremely fast because it does an almost direct data copy, fueled by the awesome FFmpeg which does all the grunt work.


Example lossless use cases

Export cut times as YouTube Chapters

  1. Export with Merge and “Create chapters from merged segments” enabled
  2. Open the exported file and select “Import chapters” in the dialog
  3. File -> Export project -> YouTube Chapters

Re-encode only the audio track, keeping the lossless video track

First export each track as individual files. Then use Handbrake or similar to re-encode the audio file. Then use the Tools->Merge in LosslessCut to merge the original video stream with your Handbrake output (or drag it into your original LosslessCut video to include it as a new track.)

Advanced multi-step workflows

Tip: you can use LosslessCut in multiple passes in order to achieve separate trimming of individual tracks:

  1. Open a file an export all tracks as individual files
  2. Open the exported track files independently and cut them as desired
  3. Add the track back to the video and combine them to one output video


If you want to support my continued work on LosslessCut, and you want the advantage of a secure and simple installation process with automatic updates, consider getting it from your favorite store:

Mac App Store MS badge Snapcraft

If you prefer to download the executables manually, this will of course always be free:

If you find LosslessCut useful, I’m very thankful for donations.

Difference between App Stores and Github download

They have exactly the same in-app features, except for a few platform limitations. Apple doesn’t allow opening VOB files with App Store apps. Apple App Store apps need to prompt for output directory. LosslessCut version in the App Stores is a few versions behind the GitHub version, because I want to be sure that the new versions work perfectly before releasing in the App Stores. GitHub version can contain new, untested features and may contain some bugs. I consider the newest GitHub versions to be a public “beta” test.

Supported formats

Since LosslessCut is based on Chromium and uses the HTML5 video player, not all FFmpeg supported formats will be supported smoothly. The following formats/codecs should generally work: MP4, MOV, WebM, MKV, OGG, WAV, MP3, AAC, H264, Theora, VP8, VP9 For more information about supported formats / codecs, see https://www.chromium.org/audio-video.

Unsupported files can still be converted to a supported format/codec from the File menu. (Try the “fastest” option first.) A low quality version of the file (with/without audio) will then be created and opened in the player. The actual cut/export operation will still be performed on the original file, so it will be lossless. This allows for potentially opening any file that FFmpeg is able to decode.

Video demos

Typical workflow

Known issues & limitations

Troubleshooting / FAQ

Windows issues

If any other problem, check Known issues, or please search for existing issues before you file an issue here on GitHub. You can check the developer tools for any errors or clues. Menu: Tools -> Toggle Developer Tools. Also you are welcome to hang out on Discord 🤗

CSV import/export


,56.9568,First segment starting at 0
70,842.33,"Another quoted label"
1234,,Last segment

Command line interface (CLI)

Note that these exampels assume that you have set up LosslessCut in your PATH environment. Alternatively you can run it like this:

# First navigate to the folder containing the LosslessCut app
cd /path/to/directory/containing/app
# On Linux:
./LosslessCut arguments
# On Windows:
./LosslessCut.exe arguments
# On MacOS:
./LosslessCut.app/Contents/MacOS/LosslessCut arguments

Open one or more files:

LosslessCut file1.mp4 file2.mkv

Override settings (experimental)

See available settings. Note that this is subject to change in newer versions. ⚠️ If you specify incorrect values it could corrupt your configuration file. You may use JSON or JSON5:

LosslessCut --settings-json '{captureFormat:"jpeg", "keyframeCut":true}'


See the developer notes.

This project is maintained by me alone. The project will always remain free and open source, but if it’s useful for you, consider supporting me. :) It will give me extra motivation to improve it. Or even better donate to ffmpeg because they are doing the world a big favor 🙏

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